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Philidas design and manufacture self-locking nuts and specialist fasteners for industrial, automotive, and domestic applications.

They specialises in the design and manufacture of self-locking nuts for a huge range of industrial and domestic applications, including: automotive, rail, aerospace, earth moving plant equipment, mining, renewable energy and electrical appliances.

Philidas nuts lock on a bolt in any position, designed to create the most convenient and practical fastening method for any industry or domestic application. Even in high performance environments where vibration may occur, our locking nuts are developed to stay in place. They also help reduce assembly time, use fewer components and are more cost effective than alternative methods.

The range of quality fasteners includes:

  • Metal Self locking fasteners
  • Nylon Self locking Fasteners
  • Comby Locking Fasteners
  • Wheel Nuts
  • Special Purpose Fasteners made to customer specification

Philidas Self Locking Nuts and Specialist Fasteners

Philidas Self Locking Nuts and Specialist Fasteners

Although best known for its all metal locking nut, Philidas produces a wide range of fasteners in a variety of materials.

With over 60 years experience Philidas Ltd brings you the genuine article and services many safety critical industries.

A dedicated partner for all your Turret & Industrial Nut requirments. Working together for customer service. An expert product brought to you by logistic experts.

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